February 23, 2017


Philadelphia 76ers Receive: Andrew Bogut, Justin Anderson, 2017 first round pick, top 18 protected (two second round picks if not conveyed)

Dallas Mavericks Receive: Nerlens Noel

*I will update as more news on the pick protection comes out



Finally, after years in the making the Sixers move one of their big men. Was it the right one for the right return? Noel is a restricted free agent after this offseason so he was going to get paid. He was Embiid’s best friend on the team. He is a defensive centerpiece but limited on offense. This leaves Jahlil Okafor on the team and he and Embiid can clearly not work together. Okafor is better insurance for when Embiid is injured or taking a night off and he is under his rookie contract through 2018-2019. This whole situation was a mess and it goes to show that finding a trade partner for Noel and Okafor was much more difficult than it should have been for this two great prospects. Andrew Bogut is a free agent after this season and doesn’t expect to play much of a role on the Sixers. I would not be surprised is he is bought out or traded later today. After playing on the Warriors, he cannot be too happy about playing for the Mavs and Sixers. Justin Anderson is a nice young player or figures to be a good rotational piece for the Sixers. He was the 21st pick in the 2015 NBA Draft and can be under rookie contract through 2018-2019. He is a passionate player who plays tough and does all the little, gritty things. The Sixers need a tough player now that Noel is gone. Anderson seems like someone you would want to have your back in a fight. Not the number one quality to look for in a NBA player, but he is fine not having the ball in his hands. Not much has come out on the pick yet, but in at least 2017 it is top 18 protected so will most likely not be conveyed this year. The Sixers just need to build up assets so in the future they can make a move for either a super star or a top pick. This will most likely turn into two second round picks. After the Ilyasova trade, the Sixers picked up 3 second round picks, assuming that is what they get from Dallas, in the past 24 hours. The Sixers do no need these. They have such a young team with lots of players overseas. They will most likely be bunched together or sold. As a fan, we do not really care about a team selling a pick for a million dollars. Especially one that was acquired in a trade for a good player.

Grade: C-


The Mavs were able to trade an expensive, often injured center, a rotational piece, and a pick that will most likely not conveyed this year. Nerlens Noel brings everything Bogut did to the Mavericks and more. He is more athletic and much younger. The Mavericks probably have him in their long-term plans and will resign him when he hits restricted free agency this offseason. Noel should slot in well next to Dirk with everyone around him being able to space the floor. Giving up Anderson is a little rough because he was one of the few young pieces on this team, but replacing him with Noel, although different positions, it a good move for the better prospect. The protection on the pick is important. The Mavs are playing for the last playoff spot in the West, which they will most likely lose out on to the Blazers or Pelicans. If for some reason the Mavs make the playoffs, because the pick is top 18 protected, they can still make the playoffs and keep the pick. A young core of Harrison Barnes, Wes Matthews, Nerlens Noel, and Seth Curry are not winning any championships but are a solid core to build around if a franchise player can be brought in.

Grade: B+