I am going to put forward a couple of player-for-player NFL trades that will almost definitely not happen this offseason, but could have benefits for all sides involved. Here is a quick rundown on trades in the NFL:

Compared to other professional sports, trades in the NFL are much more rare. Generally if there is a trade in the NFL, it is either during the NFL draft to move up or down, or is a player for a pick trade. When a player is involved, a lot of times it has to do with a team wanting to get rid of a player for salary cap reasons, and they are lucky if they can get something in return for them. An example of this is the Martellus Bennett trade made last offseason. The Bears traded Bennett, along with the 204th overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft to the Patriots for the 127th overall pick. Bennett went on to have a fantastic season in helping the Patriots win the Super Bowl and the Patriots used the acquired pick in a series of deals that would eventually land them Seattle’s 2016 7th round pick and Seattle’s 2017 4th round pick. The Bears would use the acquired pick to draft defensive back Deiondre’ Hall, who played in 8 games and recorded one interception for the Bears. Trading a Pro-Bowl caliber tight end and a 6th round pick for a 4th round pick seems like the Bears got robbed, but we have to look at each team’s individual situation. The Bears were going into a season with low expectations and knew a rebuild was on the horizon. Rather than pay a 29-year-old, outspoken tight end over 5 million dollars who would most likely leave in free agency at the end of the season, the Bears saw an opportunity to make a move and gain a draft pick that could help their rebuild while also saving some money. The Patriots saw an opportunity to end an elite tight end to back up the often-injured Rob Gronkowski. Gronk ended up getting injured during the season and who knows if the Patriots would have won the Super Bowl without Bennett. The Bears were able to add a young defender with more potential than they would have been able to add with their 6th round pick. Both teams are probably pretty satisfied with the outcome of this trade, although I’m sure the Bears wish they drafted Dak Prescott, the Pro Bowl rookie quarterback for the Cowboys, who was selected with the 135th pick in the draft. This goes to show that trades in the NFL are difficult to make, because both teams must be in unique situations for a trade to work for both sides. With different schemes being run by different teams, a player who plays defensive end for Team A, would not necessarily be a fit at defensive end for Team B. Team chemistry is important in all sports, but positions tend to generally mean the same. A shortstop for the Yankees getting traded to the Red Sox will still be playing the exact same position. There are some differences in philosophies between teams, but the actual playing the position is the same. This is not the case in the NFL and makes scheme fit much more of a factor in the draft, but even more so with trades. Yet another reasons trades are rare in the NFL is because of how contracts are structured. Since a good portion of contracts in the NFL are non-guaranteed money (which I don’t think is fair, but it is what it is), it is easier to get rid of a player if he underperforms. In other sports, where contracts are almost always guaranteed, it is much more difficult to get out from under a bad contract. If the Knicks want to get rid of Joakim Noah, who signed a 4 year, 72 million dollar deal this past offseason, they will almost assuredly have to give a team with cap space a draft pick or two for a team to be willing to take him, or wait out the contract. The NFL, with structurally different contracts, does not have this issue.

For how rare trades are in general in the NFL, player-for-player trades are even rarer. We see couple every year, but they are generally made with players who are either on the roster bubble, or towards the bottom of the 53-man roster. This past season we saw Dorial Green-Beckham, who was a 2015 second round pick by the Titans, traded to the Eagles for 2012 fifth round pick Dennis Kelly, an offensive lineman. The Lions traded wide receiver Jeremy Kerley to the 49ers for guard Brandon Thomas. The Carolina Panthers traded a 2018 fourth round pick and punter Kasey Redfern to the Browns for punter Andy Lee and a 2017 seventh round pick. Redfern did not even make the Browns roster so this is tough to even call it a player-for-player trade. The player-for-player trade involving the biggest names saw New England trade Chandler Jones to the Cardinals for former first round pick Jonathan Cooper and a 2016 second round pick. The big return in the trade for the Patriots though in that was the pick, as the Patriots cut Cooper on October 8th. Cooper then picked up by the Browns, who cut him a few weeks later, which goes to show where his NFL value is. That was it for player-for-player trades in the 2016 NFL season. To compare that to the NBA, there have been 6 player-for-player trades just since the 2016-2017 regular season began, and that number could triple with the trade deadline being this week.

I’m sure over the past 15 years there have been some significant player-for-player trades, but in my memory, one stands out above the rest. On March 4th, 2004, the Denver Broncos traded star running back Clinton Portis, who was coming off back-to-back 1,500 yard seasons, to the Washington Redskins for Champ Bailey, who was coming off four straight Pro Bowl appearances, and a second round pick. This trade happened due to a perfect storm of management being in the right place at the right time, cap situations, player attitudes about going to a new team, and pending free agencies. There are a multitude of factors that could have gone wrong to prevent this trade from happening, or even getting discussed in the first place. In 2017, it is hard to fathom that a team would give up arguably the best cornerback in football, along with a second round pick for any running back, even a great one. But football was played differently in 2004, and running backs held much higher value throughout the league. Portis ended up rushing for 6,824 yards and 46 touchdowns during his 7 seasons with the Redskins. Champ Bailey went on to make 8 more Pro Bowls and 3 First-Team All-Pro with the Broncos and is regarded as one of the bets defensive backs of all time and will likely be a first ballot Hall-of-Famer when he is eligible. The second round pick turned into running back Tatum Bell, who had a five year career with the Broncos and only rushing for 2,773 yards and 16 touchdowns. It is safe to say the Broncos won the deal, but neither team lost the deal. We have not seen another trade since in the NFL involving two big-name, Pro Bowl players like this and we may not again anytime soon. There are reasons they are not as common as in the other professional sports.

All that being said, let’s take a look at a couple player-for-player NFL trades involving some big name players that have about as close to a 0% chance of happening as possible, but are fun to take a look at nonetheless.

New England Patriots Receive: J.J. Watt

Houston Texans Receive: Jimmy Garoppolo

The Houston Texans need a quarterback. The Brock Osweiler experiment has failed thus far and the Texans cannot realistically get out from under his contract until after the 2017 season. There are rumors of Tony Romo signing with Houston if Romo becomes a free agent, but hat would mean that Texans would probably have the highest 2017 team cap hit at the quarterback position, with no certainties. By bringing in Garoppolo, the Texans would be able to have Jimmy on a cheap rookie contract the first season, and after the 2017 season, get rid of Osweiler and sign Garoppolo to a long term deal if he performs well during the 2017 season. J.J. Watt is a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and if he retired today, would probably be a Hall of Famer. He is 27 years old. Any team would be lucky to have him but imagine what Belichick could do with him. Why would the Texans want to get rid of a player of this caliber? The Texans’ defense was first in the NFL in yards per game, and that was with Watt playing in only 3 games due to a lingering back injury that required surgery. There are two ways to look at this; the Texans don’t need Watt to be an elite defense, or Watt will take this defense to an even more elite level. Watt is clearly a higher caliber player than Garoppolo is, but quarterback is the most valuable position in sports. If the Texans had a competent quarterback last year, they may have competed with the Patriots for the title of AFC Champion. With the salary caps, teams have small windows at being Super Bowl contenders and the Texans do not want to waste theirs trying to find a quarterback or develop a young one. The Texans could trade a player that has an injury history, get what will hopefully be their quarterback of the future, hold onto their 2017 draft picks, and even possibly draft Watt’s younger brother T.J. to help fill the void the elder Watt leaves behind.

Bill Belichick has a history of not paying elite level money to anyone, especially on a long-term deal, but he may be able to make the exception for Watt. J.J. Watt is signed through the 2021 season, with the lowest cap hit being 14.5 million during the 2017 season, but his contract allows his team to release him or restructure the contract after the 2018 season with very little cap implications. The Patriots seem to think that Brady has a few good years left, so the money needed to keep Garoppolo around after this season will not be there. The Patriots drafted Jacoby Brissett in the third round last year, which gave the implication that Garoppolo time in New England was numbered. Rather than trade Jimmy for a pick, why not try to bring in an immediate impact player to help Brady in his last few years, and who best than the best defensive player of the last six seasons? Before this past season, Watt had started every game of his career, but always seemed to have nagging injuries. No one has any idea if Watt will be able to return to his old self, or if this was the beginning of his decline. The Patriots should take the chance and find out, even if his salaries means not being able to bring back players like Logan Ryan and Martellus Bennett.

New England Patriots Receive: Odell Beckham Jr.

New York Giants Receive: Rob Gronkowski

Both Odell Beckham Jr and Rob Gronkowski are two of the more elite playmakers at their respective positions, if not the two best. Despite the talent, issues come with both of them. Ever since playing in all 16 games both his rookie and sophomore season, Gronk has not had a full 16 game season. This past year he played in only 8 regular season games and none of the playoff games. The fact that the Patriots were able to win the Super Bowl without one of the best tight ends of all time just shows their “next man up,” attitude. These haven’t just been bumps and bruises injuries. There have been knee issues, forearm issues, and hamstring issue, but the concerning one is the back issues. Gronk has had back issues with college and perhaps the most recent surgery will correct everything, but he isn’t getting any younger and his playing style makes him susceptible to big hits.

OBJ has not had the injury history of Gronk, but seems to end of in the media for all the wrong reasons. The most concerning thing in my eyes if that OBJ does not seem to learn. The game against Josh Norman during the 2015 season was atrocious and showed how little control over his temper he had. The hit on Norman from behind could have easily been career ending, or even life altering, for Norman if the placement was a little different. Opponents definitely try to get in Beckham’s head and it seems to work. This year there were multiple issues with Beckham trying to fight the net, then proposing to it a week or two later, the Xavier Rhodes incident, to blindsiding Kenny Vaccaro. Despite the ridiculous and historic stats he has put up through his first three seasons, the non-performance incidents overshadow everything else. Beckham is one of the most talented athletes in sports, and from what he says in interviews and social media, it seems like he has learned from his mistakes, and then immediately after his actions show something different.

In this trade, neither team would lose playmaking; it would just come in a different style. Eli Manning has never played with an elite tight end and the Giants are going into the offseason with questions at the position. If Gronk could stay healthy, it is possible he would break all the tight end single season records with the Giants. He would be the primary option in the offense, unlike New England that tends to spread the ball around, with a different leading receiver each week. With Beckham going to New England, Tom Brady would have the best receiver he has played with since Randy Moss. OBJ seems like he would just fit New England’s style as well, and I’m sure Belichick would find creative ways to get him the ball than any other coach in football. Beckham specializes in the quick 5-yard routes that he then turns into 70 yards after the catch. This is the style New England likes, and also the style that keeps an aging Tom Brady from getting hit. New England is the most disciplined organization in sports and if OBJ could learn “The Patriot Way,” he could be one of the most statistically dominant receivers of all time. This would also open up the door for a Marcellus Bennett-Patriots reunion.

Beckham is under his rookie contract for 2017, with his fifth year option for 2018 that will almost definitely be picked up this spring. Gronk is signed through 2019 and posses cap hits of 6.75, 11, and 12 million respectably, over the next three seasons. If the injuries keep up and the Giants wanted to get rid of him, in both 2018 and 2019 they would get more cap savings than dead cap by letting him go. That would not be ideal when you gave up a young, elite receiver for him, but it might be when taking into consideration what a headache OBJ is. If nothing else, I would love to see Gronk party his way though Manhattan and for OBJ to get screamed at by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

New Orleans Saints Receive: Darren Sproles, Brandon Graham

Philadelphia Eagles Receive: Brandin Cooks

Drew Brees has to miss Darren Sproles and Jimmy Graham. Brees made it clear that when management traded away two of his favorite targets, he was not happy about it. Let’s reunite Brees and Sproles for what Sproles said will be his last NFL season. Sproles put together as Prow Bowl season last year, his first as a running back. All the others were as a special teams player. He clearly has a little left in the tank and who better to make use of that than Drew Brees? He would be the complement to Mark Ingram that the Saints have not had since Sproles departed after the 2013 season. The pick the Saints receiver in return was used on Ronald Powell, who played a total of 14 games for the Saints with 1 tackle. Brandon Graham has not lived up to the hype he came into the league with as the 13th pick in the 2010 NFL draft, but he is a solid defender and the Saints could use anyone that can make a positive impact on that side of the ball. He had his best year ever in 2016 and it might be time to sell high after an inconsistent career. Graham is signed through 2018, but can be released after next season while only incurring one million in dead cap.

The Saints traded up in the 2014 draft to take Brandin Cooks 20th overall, before Kelvin Benjamin, Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry. He has by no means had a bad career, topping 1,000 yards in 2 of his 3 seasons. With the emergence of Michael Thomas and Willie Snead, who as an ERFA should be back in New Orleans, in 2017, Cooks will soon be a very expensive third receiver. Cooks name has come up in trade rumors this offseason already, even though Sean Payton says he fully expects him back next season. Philadelphia is desperate for a number one receiver for Carson Wentz. Cooks may not be a true number one would but would immediately be the best on the roster. If the Eagles can bring in a Corey Davis or Mike Williams in the draft, a receiving core of either of those players, Cooks, Matthews, Agholor, Ertz, and Celek should be plenty to help Carson Wentz take the next step in his development during his sophomore year.

I think if trade talks regarding these combo of players ever came about, the Eagles would insist on picks as well. During the 2017 season, this trade would likely benefit the Saints more than the Eagles. The Eagles may feel as though one season from Darren Proles and Brand Graham, someone who has had an inconsistent career, yet an amazing 2016 is going to be overpaid in the 2018 offseason and they would rather get something for him now instead of paying a player that will most likely command top dollar.

Indianapolis Colts Receive: Greg Robinson

Los Angeles Rams Receive: Phillip Dorsett

After just two years as a starting left tackle in college and an impressive combine, the then-21 year old Robinson was drafted number two overall in the 2014 NFL Draft, mostly based on potential and athletic ability. He has not even come close to living up to his potential. PFF rated him their 71st ranked tackle from the 2016 season. After losing his starting left tackle job midway through the 2016 season, it seems like a forgone conclusion that Robinson will not have his fifth year option picked up, if he has a spot on the Rams at all.

Phillip Dorsett, a receiver out of the University of Miami, drafted 29th overall in the 2015 NFL, was a pretty shocking pick. Dorsett was viewed by most as a second round pick, but this was not what made the pick surprising. Dorsett has a very similar skillset to T.Y. Hilton, the Colts number one receiver. If the Colts had come across a hidden gem late in the draft similar, or if Dorsett was an absolutely can’t-miss prospect, that would have been one thing, but the Colts had plenty of other needs. Those needs were pretty much everywhere on defense, and all over the offensive line. Andrew Luck came into the NFL as one of the best prospects ever. He has been very good, but not one of the top three quarterbacks in the NFL as predicted. A lot of this has to do with the weak offensive line and all the big hits Luck has taken. Luck has missed nine games the past two season, and played many more with nagging injuries. If the Colts and Andrew Luck are going to take a step forward, there needs to be some changes. Now that former general manager Ryan Grigson is gone, hopefully Luck gets the help he needs. Dorsett by no means will hurt Luck’s development, but if this underwhelming receiver can be moved, it may be in the best interest of the team.

A Robinson for Dorsett trade may not move the needle much for each team, but both players are still young and posses a lot of potential. The best thing for each may be a fresh start. Greg Robinson would be a physical specimen unlike anyone else on the Colts’ roster. He would slot in at either right guard or right tackle, two positions possibly better suited for him than left tackle. With a somewhat established line around him, and without the pressure of perform at the most important position on the line, this seems like just a better all-around situation. The Rams’ two leading receiver from last year, Brian Quick and Kenny Britt are both free agents. The acquisition of Dorsett would allow the Rams to let at least one of those players walk, while upgrading the talent around sophomore quarterback and 2016 number one overall pick Jared Goff. Jared Goff has a rough rookie season and perhaps some moves along the offensive line and the addition of a talented receiver could help his much needed development. Dorsett and Rams’ receiver Tavon Austin have some similarities, similar to the issue the Colts had with T.Y. Hilton, but the Rams are in no position to be picky and will take all the talent they can get.

Cleveland Browns Receive: Kam Chancellor

Seattle Seahawks Receive: Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas deserves some kind of medal. He has started every game, playing every single snap at left tackle for the Browns over the past ten years, making the Pro Bowl every single year, with six appearances on the First-Team All-Pro. All while not making a single playoff appearance and protecting more quarterbacks than most teams have had in their franchise history. He seems to have kept a positive attitude the whole time. “It’s so important for me to be here for the turnaround. I don’t want to just get a Super Bowl ring being traded to a dream team. It would feel unsatisfying. Unfulfilling.” Pretty ironic the most consistent player in the NFL plays for the most consistently, inconsistent franchise in sports. The Browns have build up a solid group of assets, along with a decent group of young talent that Hue Brown can hopefully mold into something formidable, but that is not gong to happen until they get a quarterback. Will Joe Thomas still be playing then? Currently 32, so probably not, but if anyone would be, Thomas is a good bet.

The Legion of Boom is not what it used to be. Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Kam Chancellor, and really the defense as a whole does not instill the same fear in opponents as they did during the Super Bowl runs during the 2013 and 2014 season. Breaking up this secondary is not the ideal move. Back in 2013, the majority of all the star players were still on bargain rookie deals. They have since all been paid, and with Chancellor approaching free agency after 2017, the Seahawks may realize they are not going to be able to keep him around and that now is the time to capitalize on his value. I would never call Kam Chancellor expendable, but if Earl Thomas returns to full strength, it will ease the burden

Joe Thomas is signed through 2018, with cap hits of only 11.5 and 10 million dollars the next two seasons. There is a solid chance he will retire after that, or perhaps go back to Cleveland for a final season, but he deserves a run at a Super Bowl, even if he says it wouldn’t be the same with another team. The Seahawks have a solid team, yet the worst offensive line in football. Russell Wilson ends up being chased by lineman the whole game and the running game, once the staple of the offense, cannot get going. Putting one of the best and most consistent left tackles in football history is the best way to fix this problem. Kam Chancellor would probably do everything in his power to make this trade not happen. After being part of an elite secondary on a winning team in a fun city, who would want to go to Cleveland? Cleveland is quietly putting together a solid defense and the likely additions of Myles Garrett in the 2017 draft, along with three additional picks in the first two rounds, will only help. Putting a passionate, proven leader and former Super Bowl champ in the secondary would only help the cause, as long as Kam had a solid attitude about it. Chancellor is only signed through 2017 so the Browns would have to convince him it was worth sticking around after this season. Taking away Kam from the Seahawks’ secondary would definitely hurt, but the offensive line is so bad that something needs to be done, and if this is how they can get it done, do it.

Green Bay Packers Receive: DeMarco Murray

Tennessee Titans Receive: Randall Cobb

After leading the league in rushing in 2014 with the Cowboys, to barely breaking 700 yards with Chip Kelly’s Eagles in 2015, DeMarco Murray rebounded in 2016 with the Tennessee Titans to finish 3rd in the league in rushing with 1,287 yards. It would be a shame to see a player as talented as Murray end up on his fourth team in four years, but if the Titans could get a player like Randall Cobb in return, it might be the move. The Titans would not be getting rid of Murray because he lacks the talent or the fit in the system; he clearly works with the Titans. It is more about the running back behind him and what the Titans have invested in him. The Titans selected Derrick Henry with the 45th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, and in his rookie season behind Murray, Henry looked like he could be a starter for most teams in the NFL if given the opportunity. A lot of teams run two-back systems, but most utilize a “Thunder-Lightning” duo; the Titans’ duo is more “Thunder-Thunder,” not a bad thing, but neither is an elite third down back. The other issue is the contracts. Both players are signed through 2019. I do not see the Titans selecting a player in the second round to be a backup, nor do I see them paying Murray’s salary to be a backup. After the 2017 season, the Titans can release Murray with no dead cap, but after his 2016 season, they might as well get some value for him.

Randall Cobb is in a similar situation. He performed well in 2016, seems content in Green Bay, and is playing for a winning team with one of the best quarterbacks in history, so why trade him? Cobb was the third leading receiver on the Packers this year after the emergence of Davante Adams, and a healthy Jordy Nelson. Aaron Rodgers is also one of those quarterbacks, similar to Tom Brady, in that it feels like whomever you put out there with him, Rodgers will make plays. Cobb has always been used as a gadget-type player, but that role might be reduced even more with Ty Montgomery. Montgomery was converted to running back midway through the season after some injuries and performed well, but I highly doubt the Packers going into 2017 with him as their lead back. This means he will most likely be used in a gadget role similar to what Cobb brings to the table. Eddie Lacy is a free agent this offseason. Combined with his weight issues and inconsistencies, it seems unlikely the Packers would be comfortable with Lacy as their lead back.

Two skilled players with expensive contracts that would complement the other team very well seems like a perfect fit. Murray would give Rodgers the best running back he has ever played with and give Rodgers a little break. When up late in games, Rodgers would just be able to hand the ball to Murray and run out the clock. He did not have that option this year. Murray is also cheaper than Cobb is. Cobb is under contract through 2018 with cap hits of over 12 million each year. If released after 2017, whichever team Cobb is on would only lose 3.25 million against the cap. Marcus Mariota needs more at wide receiver. Delanie Walker, Rishard Matthews and Tajae Sharpe are all good players, but Cobb would be the most talented of the bunch. Cobb proved in 2015 when Jordy Nelson was injured he was not a true number one receiver. He would still give Mariota a proven winner and a player who can play many different roles. Although Cobb is not a running back, he can play out the backfield and would complement Henry better than Murray would. The Titans also have plenty of cap space to take on this deal. Of all the trades presented in this, I think this is the most realistic that would benefit both sides.

San Francisco 49ers Receive: Tom Brady

New England Patriots Receive: NaVorro Bowman, Carlos Hyde, Arik Armstead

Of all the trades on here, this is the most unrealistic. Trading one player for three is unheard of in the NFL, and even crazier when one of them is Tom Brady. This would also not be in addition to the Garoppolo deal above; this would be instead. Everyone in New England thinks Tom Brady can play forever and no one wants to see him ever retire. We can’t picture him in any other uniform. There is no way Belichick can trade him. Well no one thought Joe Montana, Brett Farve and Peyton Manning would ever play for anyone besides the 49ers, Packers, and Colts but it all happened. Belichick is also the most ruthless coach in sports. Never forget releasing Tiquan Underwood less than 24 hours before the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady cannot play forever. AS well as he played this past season, there has to be a drop off sooner or later. As Max Kellerman has said time and time again on First Take, it is usually not a gradual drop off for quarterbacks; it is usually like they fell off a cliff. Peyton went from elite to game manager in a matter of months. So as well as Tom Brady played this past year, and as inhuman as his tendencies are, that drop off could be coming. Belichick has a sixth sense at recognizing this and has become well known for getting rid of a player a year too early rather than a year too late. If Belichick senses that time is coming and he has enough faith in Garoppolo, now could be the time. Finding a franchise quarterback is something some teams struggle with for decades, so if Belichick is confident he has one in Jimmy G, he may not let him get away. He may let Brady, 14 years older than Garoppolo, go and turn the reins over.

If Tom Brady were to leave New England, the only place I could possibly see him ending up is San Francisco, his childhood hometown team. This was more realistic 5 years ago when the 49ers were coached by Jim Harbaugh and making NFC Championship games year in and year out. Brady most likely does not want to go to a rebuilding team but perhaps playing wearing the same jerseys as his childhood heroes would be enough to give it a shot. It would only strengthen his claim as the greatest quarterback of all time if he could somehow lead this 49ers team to the playoffs.

The 49ers are one of the worst teams in football, with little talent on their roster. They hold the number two pick in the 2017 draft and have the second most cap space in the NFL. They should have close to 100 million is space once Kaepernick is sent packing. If the 49ers got Tom Brady today, they should be able to build a solid enough team around him to at least compete for the playoffs by the time the 2017 season started. My first move as GM after getting Brady would be to call the Jets, who have the least cap space in the NFL and a roster with no direction, and see if I could take Brandon Marshall and Nick Mangold off their hands.

Without talking draft picks, who would the 49ers give up? They have very few veterans that would help the Patriots immediately, and they need all their youngsters. NaVorro Bowman is a four-time First-Team All-Pro middle linebacker. He was limited to four games in 2016 due to a torn Achilles tendon. Carlos Hyde has also been limited by injuries in his first three seasons, but is a talented back when healthy. He would give Garoppolo once of the most talented, well-rounded backs in recent Patriots history. The 49ers would most likely have to throw in a young player with potential as well and that is where Arik Armstead comes in. Armstead is 6’7” and close to 300 pounds. He was the 17th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Bill Belichick should be able to take this talented, massive player and find a spot on the defensive line for him. These three players would equal roughly what Brady makes salary wise. If Belichick feels as though Garoppolo can lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl, this would be a nice way to surround him with some relatively cheap, above average talent while also giving Brady the chance to help bring his childhood team back to its former glory. As a Tom Brady and Patriots fan, I hope this never ever happens. As a football fan, it would make the 2017 season a very interesting one and would give me a lot to write about.

I do not think any of these will actually happen. I think one of these trades actually going through has the same odds as me winning the lottery, but like I said, still fun to think about.