LeBron and the Cavaliers did not end up getting swept, but they did not look like they are ready to beat the Warriors next season. Although LeBron averaged a triple-double in the Finals, he is not getting any younger. I don’t expect him to drop off a cliff but we cannot realistically expect him to do much more than he currently is. With it looking like recent Finals MVP Kevin Durant will be taking a little bit of a discount to make sure the Warriors can bring back Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala, Steph Curry almost assuredly coming back and the possibility that a few veterans will leave some money on the table to play for the veteran minimum and a chance at a title, it does not look like the Warriors will be taking a step backwards. The Cavaliers will only have the mid-level exception and minimum contracts to offer prospective free agents so they will have to make some roster changes by trades. There are already rumblings that LeBron is leaving Cleveland after the 2017-2018 season, which I think would set him up for the best chance of his career to play with Carmelo, D-Wade and Chris Paul, most likely for the Clippers. There is also the chance he and Paul George both sign with the young Lakers. If the Lakers attach picks to Mozgov and Deng, they should be able to create the cap space needed to sign both players, while still having their high potential core around them. If the Cavaliers want to keep LeBron in Cleveland, they will have to prove to him this season that the front office and Dan Gilbert are willing to pay whatever they need and trade whoever to compete with these Warriors. Although they might do everything in their power and still have it not be enough, they have to try because this current Cavs team will not be the 2018 champions without somewhat of a shakeup. Here are a few scenarios, both trades and free agent pick ups, which could get the Cavaliers a step closer to dethroning the Warriors. All these moves are independent of one another, as some will have overlap. I will rank them on a scale of 1-10 how realistic the possibility of this of happening, with 1 being least likely and 10 being almost guaranteed.


Resign Kyle Korver

This is the one move that the Cavs need to make regardless of any other move they make. The Cavs do not have cap space to sign any notable free agents that are not on a huge discount so they have to retain all the talent they can. Unlike Deron Williams, the Cavs own Korver’s Bird Rights so they can retain him regardless of the cap situation. Although they will end up paying much more than whatever his salary ends up being due to the luxury and repeaters tax, they cannot afford to let any talent escape when there is no means to replace it. This is by no means an ideal situation because the Cavs will most likely be overpaying when Korver did not change this team as much as we all originally thought when the trade was made. How much more of a difference he made compared to what Mike Dunleavy, who he was trade for, we will never know but the Cavs might be regretting trading that first round pick when they go to make other moves this summer and they have so few assets to work with.



Trade for Paul George

Cavaliers Receive: Paul George, Al Jefferson

Indiana Pacers Receive: Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert

The Finals have only been over for a few days and this has been brought up in articles online and every talk show on ESPN. There have been rumors of Paul George being on his way to L.A. after the 2017-2018 season. The Pacers would be wise to trade him now and get some return rather than lose him for nothing. The problem with that is other teams know this and the possibility of George just being a one-year rental means teams will be hesitant to give up much of value. The Celtics cannot give up the #1 overall pick this year for George when Fultz could change the next eight years of the franchise whereas George could be gone after the year. The Cavaliers are the one team in the NBA that can afford to give up something of value for George at just a one-year rental. If he is not enough to get the Cavs over the hump, LeBron would probably be gone after the year anyway which would put the Cavs into a rebuild. If they did win the championship or come extremely close, say seven games, it would be really tough for George to walk away from that.

Kevin Love had a much better year this past season than his other two with the Cavs. Even in the Finals, outside of game five he had a pretty good series. He is just not the kind of player that has a good skillset to match up with the Warriors. The Warriors have the talent to shut him down on offense, and Love does not possess the skills to make an impact on defense. The Cavaliers would be much better off getting a two way player, preferably not a forward, if they want to match up better against Golden State. Against 28 other teams, Kevin Love is a great player, but the Cavaliers need to build their team around beating the Warriors, not the other 28. By getting rid of Love, it would open the door for LeBron to player power forward, which his game is best suited for, especially as he ages. LeBron played the best basketball of his life while at the four in Miami. LeBron never liked having to play physical in the post, but with the direction the NBA is going with small-ball, he won’t have to. A frontcourt of George, LeBron and Tristan Thompson matches up much better with Golden State than a LeBron, Love, Thompson and it makes it so LeBron does not have to guard Durant. The Cavs would probably prefer Monta Ellis over Jefferson and both would make salaries match up but Ellis played a much larger role than Jefferson did this past year and with George gone, Ellis may pick up some of the scoring with George gone. Perhaps Cleveland could move Jefferson and a draft pick at a latter date to pick up someone whose salary they could not normally pick up. Jefferson has a non-guaranteed contract after the 2017-2018 season so taking on a longer term contract of a better player from a team trying to clear cap space may make it possible to bring in an impact player. Brining in George makes the loss of Shumpert hurt less as he would have lost out on a ton of minutes to George anyway.

It remains to be seen if the Pacers are even willing to trade Paul George. They could hold out in the hopes that George makes an All-NBA team and they can offer him the super-max and it would just be too much money for him to turn down. My guess is that George is traded this summer. By getting Kevin Love, the Pacers are getting another player in his prime, who is a talent tier lower than the star they are giving up. The difference is George seems to already be out the door after the a season in which the team won’t compete whereas with Love, they would still have a star and will have two years to convince him to stay. Iman Shumpert would give the Pacers a defensive minded wing who will be able to do more on offense as well when given more opportunity. If the Pacers can bring back Jeff Teague, a top seven of Teague, Lance Stephenson, Iman Shumpert, Monta Ellis, Thaddeus Young, Love, and young building block Myles Turner is not beating Cleveland but could be a top four seed in the East. With Pacers knowing they are not going to be winning the East anytime soon, they may want young players or draft picks as opposed to another two players in their prime who won’t move the needle. The Celtic’s pick this year is probably their ideal target. The pick would give them another player to pair with Turner. I really don’t think any team will offer them a great package built around high draft picks and top prospects so the Pacers may take the Cavs up on this offer in the hopes they either compete or move Love at a later day after raising his value through the first half of the season. Worst case this keeps them average for a few years.

5 (Cavs would do it, Pacers most likely would not)


Very Unlikely But Fills Some Holes

Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: Andre Drummond, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Marcus Morris, Ramon Sessions

Charlotte Hornets Receive: Kevin Love, Walter Tavares

Detroit Pistons Receive: Tristan Thompson, Jeremy Lamb, Orlando’s #6 Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft

Orlando Magic Receive: Charlotte’s #11 and Detroit’s #12 Picks in the 2017 NBA Draft

Getting four teams involved in a trade is close to impossible in the NBA. It is hard enough for two teams to agree on terms that work let alone four. Only one team has to have cold feet for it to fall apart. None of these teams have been linked together at all nor have a lot of these players or picks come up in rumors.

One of the problems with the Cavs matching up with the Warriors is that the Cavs lack the frontcourt athleticism to keep up with the dynamic Warriors. This might not be as drastic if the Cavs took advantage of that on the other end of the court but the Cavs lack that great defender in the middle as well. There is very little rim protection and it could be argued that with the current makeup, the Cavs have their best rim protection when LeBron is in the middle. Love or LeBron is also their best post scorer, but with Tristan Thompson is in the game, both need to play at the perimeter or their spacing is too tight. Despite a good game five, we saw how much Thompson hurts the Cavs when he is on the floor. For being the fourth highest paid player on the team, you need to be able to make an impact in the Finals.

Losing Kevin in this would hurt but it seems that in any major shakeup, that will have to be the case. Drummond gives the Cavs the big man in the middle they currently lack. For a season or two, he looked like the next great big man in the NBA. Although those expectations have been tapered as he does not seem to be capable of being the focal point of an offense, perhaps being able to focus on defense, rebounding and lobs, he could be the missing piece. He would play a similar role as to what DeAndre Jordan does for L.A. A pick and roll of James and Drummond, with Kyrie, J.R. and Korver spread out around the perimeter would be dangerous. Still only 23, 24 when the season begins, Drummond is still a year or two away from his prime, but we all know playing with James accelerates everyone’s growth. Drummond would become the new 3rd in this Big 3 but the three other players the Cavs are bringing back are no slouches. Kidd-Gilchrist is one of the best wing defenders in the NBA. He is also one of the worst three point shooters in the NBA. This is not conducive to playing the Warriors. It turns the offense into 4 on 5. It would be especially tough to have Drummond and Kidd-Gilchrist on the floor at the same. MKG would likely get more playing time in the Finals to try to slow down Durant, especially towards the end of the game when Drummond has to come off the floor since he cannot make a free throw to save his life. For how bad of a shooter MKG, he has always been an above-average free throw shooter. Morris gives the Cavs a stretch four and decent wing defender to add to the depth and Sessions gives them a backup point guard just in case Deron Williams pushes himself out of the Cavs price range. This trade allows the Cavs to construct their roster a little differently than last year with the hopes that the interior and wing defense they are picking up is enough to slow down Golden State and that Kyrie and LeBron can still carry the offense. This trade is essentially Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson for an massive upgrade at center, a chance to put LeBron at the four, one of the best wing defenders in the NBA who will go the whole season without taking a three and some depth. The Cavs would be wise to take this.

Charlotte is giving up a lot of depth in this scenario. MGK, Sessions, Lamb, and the #11 pick for Love is worth it. The Hornets have not been able to get over the hump of being an average team. They can not draw key free agents and have always seemed to land outside the top ten draft pick wise. They keep adding depth but have no star to pair with Kemba Walker. Love would be by far the best player Walker has ever played with. This roster would allow Love to get back to being a focal point of the offense and he would get more touches down low. Having Kaminsky at center would allow Love to work down low or Cody Zeller running the pick and roll would let Love space the floor like he does now with the Cavs. Love would also provide much needed rebounding. I would expect him to average 20 and 10 his first year. This would give the Hornets a crowded frontcourt with Miles Plumlee and Marvin Williams but they would not care if they could bring in a star. One of the aforementioned player would likely be moved as well. A starting lineup of Walker, Belinelli, Batum at his more natural 3, Love and Zeller will be the best roster the Hornets have ever had.

If any team would say no to this, it would be Detroit. They are giving up Drummond and not getting a star in return. Morris is a quality depth player on a cheap contract. Neither is untouchable by any means though. There have been rumors of Drummond being moved and if they Piston feel strongly that there is a franchise building block that will be a better fit at #6, they need to jump on this. Even if the Magic will not give up #6 for #11 and #12, adding the #11 pick is worth it in this deep draft. Thompson gives the Pistons an adequate replacement who can bring a winning attitude to a team that needs it. Lamb is on a cheap contract but still ahs not proven to be a viable NBA player. Van Gundy would have to decide that this team can’t win with the cornerstones of Drummond and Reggie Jackson, who would likely be moved as well for this trade to happen. I think Drummond is a good player as the third or fourth best and Jackson is best served coming off the bench as a sixth man who can ignite the offense. Maybe the Magic would take Jackson and #12 to move up to #6, or the Kings would to move up to #5.

The Magic are not essential to this deal. If they would prefer two picks in the top 12 instead of one, they do it and hope to hit on both. If they value the better chance at getting a foundation piece at #6 they don’t do it and the Pistons just keep #11. With this being a top five heavy draft and the Magic desperate for a winning season, they might rather someone like Jackson to push for the playoffs. This would allow Elfrid Payton to start, Jackson come off the bench and still play 30 minutes a game, and pick up someone Like Donovan Mitchell at 12.

This trade helps all involved, but the Cavs would have to believe that this is enough to get over the hump. They would also gain the smaller assets needed to make a trade later in the season. If they pick up someone with their mid-level exception, that player, Shumpert, Morris, Sessions, Frye and picks all could be moved to someone later in the season. Even though it makes sense, highly unlikely.

1 (All the moving part and that Detroit would need to hit reset)


Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler, Will Barton

Denver Nuggets Receive: Kevin Love, Walter Tavares

Poor Tavares, getting traded in every scenario. The Cavs signed him to an extension for a reason so they might not trade him as willy nilly as I am. That reason though might have just been as a salary matcher. The Nuggets need another star to pair with Jokic. That star may already be on the roster in Gary Harris or Jamal Murray but it won’t hurt to add another. Even by adding Love, especially after free agency, they may have already brought someone else in and Kevin Love will be rounding out the newly formed Big 3, which could be even more if Harris, Murray, or Mudiay step up. The Nuggets have been collecting assets and are a deep enough team they can afford to ship out some pieces. Love and Jokic would be very weak on defense but this would be one of the most potent offenses in the NBA. Even if they cannot bring in another free agent and just resign Gallinari, and offense of Murray, Harris, Gallinari, Love and Jokic running the point, this team would be scary. Losing some depth hurts, but they still have their draft pick this year and some good role players. The only way the Nuggets are not interested in this is if they sign Paul Millsap or Blake Griffin in free agency and have no need for another power forward.

I don’t think that this trade gets the Cavaliers over the Warriors. Faried is an energizer who could maybe keep up with Draymond, but would have a lot of the same limitations as Tristan Thompson. Those two would not be able to be on the floor together in the Finals and you probably don’t want more than 24 minutes between the two of them Wilson Chandler has the 3 and D wing qualities that very team looks for. He and LeBron would be interchangeable at the three and four most of the season but I still think you put LeBron on Durant which does not solve one of the big problems. Will Barton brings a lot of the same qualities as J.R. Smith. The Cavs had a lot of depth on their team this year while player 28 teams, but playing the Warriors, a lot of those players, such as Channing Frye, can’t see more than a couple minutes without being a liability. Although this provides some depth, the Cavs may run into the same problem. I don’t see replacing Kevin Love in the starting lineup with Chandler and adding some depth pieces moving the needle much. This would be a desperation move on the Cavs part.




Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: C.J. McCollum

Portland Trail Blazers Receive: Kevin Love

If the Cavs replace one player who is all offense and no defense and replace him with another, does there chances of beating the Cavs increase? In this case, I say yes, but not because McCollum is so much of a better player. It is because of his position and that it would allow LeBron to play power forward or even center. Lineups of shooters around LeBron being the biggest on the floor worked well against Golden State as it allowed LeBron to attack the rim with four players spread out around him. McCollum is as good, if not a better shooter than Love. I say he is much better but at worst, they are the same. He can create on his own as well, but how much of an opportunity there will be to do that remains to be seen. LeBron and Kyrie have the ball so much there is little room for a third star to have the ball in his hands. For how much this move may help the offense, a backcourt of Kyrie and McCollum would have a tough time matching up with Golden State’s All-Star duo. One of them would have to guard Curry and one would be on Klay Thompson who has a couple inches and overall size on whichever one guards him. Just as McCollum and Damian Lillard had to do a ton on offense just to keep up with Thompson and Curry, Kyrie and McCollum would have to do the same. It would be exciting to watch but still so tough on defense.

Portland has very little reason to do this trade. They have three picks this summer and will have a full season Nurkic. I think they will just want to move a few expensive pieces such as Evan Turner or Allen Crabbe, consolidate their picks or go after some high reward prospects, and see what they believe to be the potential of the core they have. By trading for Love and pairing him with Nurkic, they will run into a similar problem when playing the Warriors that the Cavs had. They do this trade if they feel a player they draft or Crabbe can step up into a starting role and they can fill the biggest weak spot in their starting five with Love.



The Banana Boat Boys

The next couple trades are going to all focus on either Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, or Carmelo Anthony. Although there is a small chance all four could get together next year, it is much more likely to happen during the 2018 offseason where they would all end up on the Clippers, or even Miami. If LeBron leaves Cleveland, it will be to team up with his boys and my likelihood would be 70% Clippers, 15% Lakers, 15% Heat. Check out my last post for a few moves that could make that happen. This year, it is possible for Cleveland to add Anthony or Wade pretty easily, at least salary cap wise. With Chris Paul due a huge raise and Kyrie the likely focal point of the deal, the Cavs would have to add a few players to help match salaries. Kyrie is so much younger than Paul, so much cheaper, and still coming into his prime. LeBron seems to trust Kyrie and has liked helping him grow. Paul is still one of his best friends, but with what they would need to give in addition just to match salaries, along with what little the Clippers could give in addition, it seems very unlikely.


Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: Dwayne Wade

Chicago Bulls Receive: Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert

Dwayne Wade will most likely be opting into his player option for 2017-2018. There is a good chance his next contract will be significantly less in value, so despite the questions surrounding the Bulls, I cannot see him walking away from the money. There is the chance the Bulls bring in some additional pieces, hold onto Jimmy Butler and remain competitive next year. Wade would be okay with that but he would probably prefer to compete for a title with his best friend and former teammate. Chicago knows that Wade is likely gone after next season anyway, and knowing they are not competing for a championship, they may decide to move him to prepare for the future. Thompson and Shumpert are not star pieces to the team, but both young enough that they still have room to grow. If the Bulls can add a few more young pieces or hit on a draft pick, they may have enough of a team to keep Jimmy Butler around.

The Cavaliers are probably one of maybe two or three teams who would trade for Wade. The only other team that may realistically trade for him is the Clippers. Because of this, the Bulls cannot expect a hefty return. LeBron would love to play another season with Wade. If he could do this while keeping Love and Kyrie on the team, he may feel as though this is enough to compete. They could afford to rest Wade most of the year just to keep him fresh for the Finals. Despite his age and injury history, when healthy he is still a top 25 player in the NBA. The Cavaliers would need to find someone who could fill in at center. They could find someone for the minimum or mid-level exception who could be serviceable for the season. Since whoever it is will not see a ton of minutes in the Finals regardless, having a little bit of a drop-off from Thompson is not the end of the world. This might be the most realistic to add a fourth star rather than swapping out a star for a star. I think the Cavs would prefer to ship out Love for Paul George but this is an option. I can see this move happening with nothing else in the works, but it could also set the Cavs up to add either Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony.



Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: Carmelo Anthony

New York Knicks Receive: Kevin Love

This has been one of the more popular trade scenarios for the Cavs to upgrade their team. It has been debated by every sports show with differing opinions. Love and Anthony both are not top-notch defenders so replacing one with the other does not slow down Golden State much. Is Anthony’s isolation style of basketball that much better for a team than Love? The argument is that Anthony will become a different type of player when playing with LeBron but that is a lot easier said than down. With Anthony’s trade value so low, the Knicks would have few other opportunities to get a star in return. Love would also let Porzingis slide over to center, where he is better suited and gives the Knicks the best shooting big-man duo in the NBA. That being said, a straight up Love for Anthony is probably not fair value for the Cavs. It was reported at the trade deadline the Cavs were seeking more. With Phil Jackson’s comments about Anthony, you would think at this point he would do whatever it takes to get Anthony to waive his no trade clause and get out of town, even if that meant sacrificing another asset. The tough part is finding another asset the Knicks have that they would be willing to include that also works salary wise. The Knicks first round pick is too valuable, Courtney Lee is tough to match up salary wise without giving someone of equal or greater value, do the Cavs have any use for Lance Thomas, Kyle O’Quinn or Hernangomez, or would they value any future picks? If the Cavs can get any other assets in return, I think they pull the trigger. They may even make the trade straight up if LeBron pressures them enough. With Love being the most likely asset to move, if they do make this trade, it is likely the only big move they can make and would have to be comfortable that Carmelo is enough. This, like the Wade trade, could be done either independent of the Wade trade or in succession. If both moves were complete, the Cavs could send out Kyrie, Wade, J.R., Carmelo and LeBron as a small ball five against the Warriors. They would also have Korver, Frye, and whatever big man they get with there mid-level, and also whatever other player or pick they get from the Knicks. I would take that lineup over this past year, at least against the Warriors.



Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley

Boston Celtics Receive: Kevin Love

Let me start by saying that Boston and Cleveland are not doing a deal with one another. When they meet in the Eastern Conference Finals next year, whoever loses will look awful for making the other team better. So this trade will not happen. But it helps both teams. Let’s assume that Boston signs Gordon Hayward, but either way, this works. (Unless Boston signs Blake Griffin) A lineup of Isaiah Thomas, Markelle Fultz, Hayward, Love and Al Horford looks great on paper. A Cavs lineup of Kyrie, Bradley, Crowder, LeBron and either Thompson or J.R. matches up very well with Golden State. I think it really does help both teams, but seeing that adding Love could potentially push Boston past Cleveland, there is 0% chance this happens. Especially given the fact that Boston will still have a solid bench and the potential to add either Jimmy Butler or Paul George, the Cavs would be too scared to pull off this move, even if it would make the season much more exciting and not guarantee a Cleveland-Golden State Finals.



Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: DeMarcus Cousins, Solomon Hill

New Orleans Pelicans Receive: Kevin Love, Walter Tavares, Kay Felder

New Orleans did not have to give much up for an All-NBA talent like DeMarcus Cousins. Buddy Hield and what turned out to be the tenth overall pick is not much at all. The experiment did not go too well, but did come together a little bit better the last couple games. The Pelicans only have this year to convince Cousins to resign. This might worry them and they may decide that it is not worth the risk. Love is signed three more years so it would guarantee Anthony Davis would have a frontcourt mate for the foreseeable future. Love and Davis would work well together and would be the best rebounding duo in the NBA. Each can space the floor and Davis will help make up for Love’s defensive deficiencies on that end of the court. Davis would also be able to stick to center where he is probably a better fit in today’s NBA.

Cousins would not necessarily help Cleveland match up with Golden State much better than they do now, but he is such a unique talent that Golden State would have to adjust and that might be the better outcome anyway. It will be tough to play Golden State’s own game against them, but making them adjust and get out of their comfort zone could be the key to an NBA championship. Cousins would also allow LeBron to play power forward, which as I stated before, will help the team by itself. Hill would give them a wing defender who is very overpaid, but we know they do not care all that much about payroll.

I do not see the Pelicans giving up Cousins after just half a season but despite having two key pieces, one of which may be gone after this year, they are in cap hell. Even if they cannot resign Jrue Holiday, they can still not make many moves. By dumping Hill’s salary and adding an All-Star on a multi-year contract that is relatively cheap in terms of today’s money, New Orleans might just pull the trigger and Cleveland would be happy to add such a unique player in Cousins. Tristan Thompson would more than likely be moved in succession.



Sign Dwayne Wade For Mid-Level Exception

Rather than trading two key pieces for Wade, why not get him for about 5 million? This would require Wade to opt out and sign for significantly less than what most teams would be offering. I do not think he is as the point in his career where he will sacrifice around 17 million. I think in the next year or two we could see Wade do that but when the money is right in front of you, it is hard to turn it down.



Sign Tyreke Evans For Mid-Level Exception

When Evans was traded to Sacramento midseason, there were reports that he would be bought out and sign with Cleveland. Evans looked like a future star his rookie year, and almost like an ultra-mini LeBron in that he could be an oversized point guard who could go for a triple-double on any given night. He has not even come close to living up to his rookie year but maybe a year or two learning from LeBron will get him back on track. Evans is 27 so that ship may have sailed and he will likely be looking for a more lucrative long-term deal. With what players received last summer, he is looking for something over 10 million a year. If due to his lack of shooting, those offers are not there, you could do a lot worse than a year of upping your image playing next to LeBron.



Sign Rudy Gay For Mid-Level Exception

Another Sacramento wing who could use some winning in their life. Gay made it clear he had no intention to opt into his contract for next year, despite it being over 13 million and coming off a ruptured Achilles. Some thought due to the injury, he may opt in. This shows how badly he wanted out of Sacramento. Teams may be hesitant to give an aging player coming off a major injury a long-term deal. That, along with the fact he has never made those around him better, should keep teams very hesitant. Like Evans, Gay may decide to play a year in Cleveland to compete for a championship and up his value playing with LeBron. Even if Gay is not available early in the year while still recovering, Cleveland doesn’t need him to be. This is a good fit both ways. Cleveland just has to hope everyone is hesitant to offer him a long-term deal so they can swoop in.



Sign Andre Iguodala For Mid-Level Exception

A perfect fit and exactly what the Cavs need. Too bad it’s not happening. This would be a worse look than Ray Allen to the Heat and Golden State is going to offer more.



Sign Deron Williams For Mid-Level Exception

Ideally the Cavs sign Williams for the minimum. Other teams will come along and offer more but Williams may want to stay in Cleveland. If they do not give him the mid-level, he may be insulted they are chasing other players with what he believes is his money. He is not the perfect fit but if they strike out or know they won’t get someone better, Williams for the mid-level is likely to happen.



Sign Thabo Sefolosha For Mid-Level Exception

Another player they would much rather get for the minimum. Maybe they will split the mid-level between Williams and Sefolosha. Sefolosha would be a nice addition on the defensive side of the ball, but he still probably isn’t picking up K.D. in the Finals. If they can get him for the minimum, great move but any more than that I don’t like it.



Sign Vince Carter For Veteran Minimum

Vince seems like his style and personality would fit right in on this team. Shoot threes and play smart defense. His skillset might be redundant with Richard Jefferson on the roster but for the minimum, any team would want him.



Sign David Lee For Veteran Minimum

This would not help much in the Finals so the Cavs will not have Lee as a top priority might another veteran whose personality would fit right in.



Sign Nene For Veteran Minimum

I think Nene will be back in Houston but if Thompson is traded, Nene would be a great pickup who would be able to play 15 minutes a game during the regular season and would likely not see the floor in the Finals, but would help a lot in getting there



Sign Zach Randolph For Veteran Minimum

Similar to Nene, Randolph would be needed more for depth leading to the Finals than the actual Finals. I think he stays with Memphis. Get Randolph a ring!



Sign Luc Mbah A Moute Veteran Minimum

Probably the best 3 and D who could sign for the minimum, he is a perfect fit for the Cavs and could play minutes against Green and potentially Durant. There is a chance he gets offered more or decides to stay in L.A.






Image From: http://cavaliersnation.com/2016/07/01/5-signs-that-point-to-dwyane-wade-joining-the-cavs-next-season/2/